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August 26, 2013
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My Top 20 Most Hated Characters :REDONE: by Sparkshot11 My Top 20 Most Hated Characters :REDONE: by Sparkshot11
Hello everyone it's good to making another list again. Due to the Top 10 Most Hated + Top 10 Most RECOMMENDED Hated Characters for Old.L I've decided why just not remake this as a Top 20? Easily this is my biggest list ever made so far and yet this time I am holding nothing back on the characters on the list. So easily this time I've chosen the characters I think are the worst in existence in my opinion, well most of them.

NOTE: If you disagree with some of my opinions that is fine. HOWEVER, Flaming or Trolling will just have your comment hidden and you blocked. Show some maturity.

ANOTHER NOTE: Yes I will be adding at least 4 real people on the list, I know it's breaking the rules but however it is my list. Deal with it.

YET ANOTHER NOTE: I may have been a bit overboard on this list a few times, forgive me if I seem immature. Just letting out some hatred makes me feel better.

20. NEW Spongebob Squarepants - Spongebob Squarepants

Talk about a nose dive, I LOVED Spongebob in Seasons 1 to 3 as a likeable naive child who is a good character. However after the movie's release, writer Steven Hillenburg left and Paul Tibbitt was hired which began a spawn of uninspired, cruel and not funny episodes. Barely any episodes have any quality left today to be actually entertaining, with minor exceptions here and there. (Ex, Krusty Towers, 2 Faces of Squidward, Patrisha) The reasons he is so low on the list is the fact he was a likeable character beforehand, just now he is badly written now as an annoying as hell antagonist who bothers everyone.

19. Maya Fey - "Phoenix Wright" franchise
I bet all the fans are gonna yell "OBJECTION!" at this one but I digress. I am not a big fan of Maya Fey, I've tried to like her and I just couldn't get used to her personality. She is rather, loud, obnoxious, annoying and does nothing about 60% of the time. Granted she has her uses and sometimes she is a bit likeable which prevents her from being higher on the list. Also the fact that since she is here that Mia Fey can possess her body and help Phoenix Wright (Mia is also one of my favorite characters). Let's just hope Athena is better than her huh? :)

18. OLD Sakura Haruno - Naruto
Surprise, surprise, from the #4 spot on my original Top 10 Most Hated Characters to #18 on the redo. You know it's gonna be interesting with her quite low on the list, now then. First of all, SHE IS THE MOST USELESS PERSON ON THE ENTIRE SHOW! She only fights about 2 times in the entire show and she is beaten at both! I know it was a tie with Ino, but however a tie is still a lost on both sides. Two, she always cries for "her" Sasuke and refuses to shut up about him! I bet you're all wondering on how did she drop so much, well she became MUCH more useful in the Shippuden series after she trained with Tsunade. Not to mention she becomes more developed, though irritating at times.

17. Orihime Inoue - Bleach
Yup, first Sakura and now Orihime get a major drop on the list! Now Orihime has not changed at all, she is still the most useless character in anime history yet she has a very useful power! How does that even work?! Not to mention......HER BOARD SCRATCHING VOICE! Everytime she calls out "Kurosaki-kun!" I want to smack her upside the face and yell "SHUT! UP!" or infact I would want Ichigo to say it. Just to break her heart, she deserves it. Though I don't find her that annoying anymore and I found more hateable people, yet I hate to admit she is "somewhat" cute in looks but in personality she falls flat on her face.

16. Finn - Adventure Time
Mhmmm.....I hate Finn and I hate Adventure Time. I don't like Adventure Time because of the ugly animation, annoying protagonist, and the story is all over the place and most of the time it makes no sense! Now for Finn.................MY GOD! He may seem innocent at first, but this guy is a complete utter idiot! While he has *Ahem* "helped" people in the past, today he is such an intolerable idiot! First of all, in one particular episode, he tricks Flame Princess (his so called GIRLFRIEND) to fight the Ice King all because he saw it in a dream. Which leads to the destruction of the Ice King's kingdom which you think might be a good thing. Allow me to prove that wrong, Ice King actually doesn't hate Finn but he does fight him from time to time for some fun. Plus his kingdom has lots of innocents who had no idea of what Ice King was doing! So basically, he wrecked lots of civilian's lives, broke his girlfriend's heart (which she believed Finn was the only person she could trust), and now ruined Ice King's life. Now he is trying to get back to Princess Bubblegum, but however she is much older than him so it would just seem awkward. Not to mention one time this IDIOT nearly got the Princess Bubblegum killed because of his arrogance and stupidity!

15. Seth - Super Street Fighter IV
Say hello to the cheapest boss I have ever faced. I'm no big fan of fighting games mainly because no matter what the genre is, there is ALWAYS a complete cheap boss fight! Though they're fun there is always a flaw that flat out ruins the game. Seth himself is a bit bland not very interesting as a villain. Onto the fight itself, the first round isn't really that difficult however after that he turns on "Cheap as hell" mode and beats your ass without giving you ANY chance to retaliate! All he does in monologue like a cliche villain throughout the fight and when you finally beat him, you get the not very satisfying ending where your character supposedly kills Seth. FUCK THIS BOSS!

14. "Problem Solverz"
Look...........just.........look at this mistake. Yes, this is a real cartoon show and even worst it is on Netflix. This show itself is worst than Twilight that makes it look like a masterpiece! Anyone, the animation looks like this was made in MS Paint and this show could give you a seizure! The design is just hideous, and is it just me because nearly every episode has the letter "Z" in it which makes me feel ashamed since my name has a Z in it. All the characters are terrible, and one I could only describe as an anthropomorphic turd! I refuse to talk of this any further, whoever made your back.

13. Dawn - Pokemon
*Yawn* Dawn, what a boring character. Dawn has no personality, only is annoying, mostly useless except in contests, and she whines every time she loses. Most of all, she is a mary sue. Yes, she is fanboys, why? Her only weakness is being whiny after she loses, that's it! No other weakness, you can make the argument she has little combat experience. However that is false since she has fought in matches and won. Though in my opinion, May can totally floor this mary sue without even trying!

12. Po - Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness
I bet you're all surprised to see Po on the list, now I'm not talking about the movie version of Po I am specifically talking about the TV show version of Po. Instead of the likeable fanboy and heart of gold Po from the movie, here he is a bit different from the movie. Which makes sense since it has different writers but however on one specific episode he is just a MAJOR jackass! On the episode "The Spirit Orbs of Master Ding" (correct me if I am wrong) he starts picking on Tigress........the fanboy starts picking on his own idol?! Now I don't mean picks on, he DRASTICALLY insults Tigress but calling her style "predictable" and constantly pounds her and has the smug look that you just want to smack him! Oh don't worry, he only gets Tigress in even more trouble and doesn't make up to her until the end of the episode with a little “Sorry”! I know you're saying "Po should be on the bottom since this was one episode, HURRRR!!" but the fact that is COMPLETELY went against his character and made him such a dirtbag along the way won him this spot. (I know people are gonna say I'm contradicting myself with the Spongebob low on the list for the same reason, but I didn't find New Spongebob THAT annoying most of the time. Here, he keeps it up for the entire episode and the fact he tortures my favorite character of Kung Fu Panda + gets away with it + barely makes up for it gets him this spot.)

FUN FACT: Po was supposed to be a smartass, smug, jackass which I guess would end up like this version of him. Whoever decided to change his personality, you deserve to be a saint!

11. J.J - "Angry COD Kid series" AND Justin Bieber
For this spot is a draw, between two unlikeable jackasses who never learn their lesson. However we will pick them apart one at a time.

JJ - This kid is the incarnation of all bad fan bases combined into one fat, annoying, obnoxious, arrogant, loud SCUMBAG! Not to mention he is a complete slob! (Proof: In one video he is has food on his shirt, food spilled in front of him and he is too lazy to pick his fatass up and clean it!) I know that you should blame the brother for recording him, but most of the time his brother doesn't do anything and he acts like a complete brat! Let's count down what he has done: kicked the TV, insulted his own mother by calling her a looser, refuses to leave his game for dinner even when his mother tells him to, beats up his own friends and says "They don't know their place" and after that he is STILL the same person! No, I'm serious, he begins to abuse his own little brother and constantly shouts at the game refusing to accept he sucks at it. Plus, he insulted Xbox because of the controller and he has played around an hour…

Justin Bieber - I know I have repeated myself about 2 times, though I did sum him up in what he has done so I am just gonna give the details. One, he has terrible music and rabid fangirls. Secondly, he is a jackass and constantly lashes out at anyone who hates his music. Thirdly, he says he is "too cool to apologize" when he insulted a fan. Finally, he refuses to accept punishment when even the POLICE are at his door! Now before I get any lawsuits, he isn't all a bad person since he has helped society beforehand with building a school and visiting people in the hospital. Yeah he may not be a bad guy, but he is a jerk.

10. Dylan - Transformers 3: Dark Of The Moon
This guy is just the biggest, douchiest, dumbest traitor I have ever seen. Not to mention some of his actions just make you want to strangle his throat even more, let’s head down the list: makes Sam’s GIRLFRIEND his bitch, lies to Sam and tries to attempt to kill the Autobots, Bumblebee nearly DIES back of his loud mouth, and he claims he’s saved the world when he practically DOOMED it! This is a simply bad representation of a person...

9. mariotehplumber + Stephen Quire - "Greatest freakout ever" series

mariotehplumber - This guy is INFAMOUS for making the worst videos I have ever seen, and that goes for many others as well! He makes terrible reviews, claiming Mario + Zelda + the old 3 Sonic games are the only good games in existence, screams and smashes stuff like an immature child, says fuck EVERY SENTENCE, says that he is better than Game Grumps when he doesn’t even try to PROVE he is better than them, fails in english even a baby would be smarter than him The list proceeds to go on in stupidity and his intolerance to ANYTHING! What pisses me off the most he hates: Sonic Rush, Halo: Reach, the Sonic Adventure series, Spyro: Year of the Dragon, and Crash Bandicoot for the most PATHETIC reasons ever to be put in criticism! Yet he continues to say the biggest part in the video is the “Character Design”, that’s right. Not the gameplay, the character design….WHHHHAATTTT?!?! Troll failure is failure. Not to mention he is a complete hypocrite consistently contradicting his every statement between videos! mariotehplumber…..or excuse me “mariotehfucker”, or how about “mariotehhypocrite” (The list goes on..) GET OFF THE GOD DAMN INTERNET! I know I’m basically beating a dead horse here, but that does not mean he is not a: sexist, racist, trolling, immature, failing troll, cyberbullying punk. I’m sorry people, but he is just too tempting to resist. Thank god even his own fan hates him, no seriously he nearly had his head taken off by his fan for dancing like an idiot on top of his fan.

Stephen Quire - I know I might get a bit of a backlash for this one, (Don’t mean any offense to his family) but this person here I CANNOT STAND IN THE LEAST! So basically there was no way Stephen was going to slip by from my list! This guy is just unbearable to watch/listen to and just not get angry at his little spoiled, arrogant, snobby, hot tempered ass! Let’s see, he broke: hitting his truck with a bat, his dad's guitar, the microwave, the vacuum, his Guitar Hero controller, his bedroom door, the $3000 TV, the computer chair, the whole Happiest studio, thrown dishes, pans, and a toaster in the yard, ripped his 50 Cent posters, stomping on his mom's scooter, throwing his sister's luggage down the stairs, destroying a parade float, lighting the Christmas tree on fire, and then proceeds to break his brother's TV! Does he get punished? The keyword here is “SOMETIMES”!!
About a few people have fought back against this atrocious spawn of hell such as: his Dad, his Grandma, their Dog, a police officer, a Bahamas boat captain, Chase's Mom and the guys from the LA Fight video. (Got info from Villain Wiki just to not seem awkward) One of the biggest problems is that this guy is nearly a complete wuss! He has fears around drowning in water and (I’m not joking here) cats. Not to mention he called an adorable kitten DISGUSTING! GO! DIE! IN! A! FIRE!

8. Dahlia Hawthorne + April May + Redd White - "Phoenix Wright" franchise
Okay great...three more pricks to pick off:

Dahlia Hawthorne - Bitch level through infinite capacity! I cannot believe this pathetic jackass bitch of a demon has so much....much.......GAAAH I can't even think of a word to say how evil she is! One: she breaks Terry Fawles's heart so much that he commits suicide in court leaving her to get away and yet she walks away with a simple smile! Staining Mia Fey's heart with a wound that could not settle, which makes her even more a bitch since I have respect for Mia Fey and what she does later is simply unforgivable! Later on about several cases later, she is once again brought to the court but however she is aiming to kill Maya to break Mia's and Phoenix's hearts! Luckily Phoenix Wright is on the job and defends Maya while prosecuting Dahlia! However when it seems hope is lost it's Mia to the rescue! (From the grave that is) What makes her defeat ever so satisfying is how both Phoenix and Mia continue to insult her saying she is nothing but a "miserable, pathetic, weak creature who can never win at anything" - Mia Fey and will loose for all eternity! After she finally snaps, where a reincarnation of The Exorcist takes place and Dahlia's spirit breaks away from Maya's body and it's finally over for her. SO SATISFYING!

April May - Wonderful….Redd White’s bitch. She is snobby, over-sexified, spazzy, annoying, obnoxious bitch to put it more better terms. She constantly jiggles her breast and tease because she can (though it is DISGUSTING), she consistently refuses to stop making dumb statements in her testimony (Ex. “...the girl in the hippie clothings...”, “...everything is sold in stores!” , “...I hate you!….LAWYER!”) Calling Phoenix Wright a lawyer… the best insult you can come up with? Ugh...just break down and go to jail already.

Redd White - Downright despicable, heartless, selfish, BASTARD! Let's start off what this guy has done, he murders Phoenix's mentor Mia Fey + blackmails upon hundreds of people from police, politicians, judges, and prosecutors which he will "destroy" them if any of them disobey + he blames Phoenix Wright on the murder of Mia Fey when Phoenix finally gets Redd in a corner. He constantly shows off his "fabulous little jewelry" and his fucking smile. He treats others like garbage calling Phoenix Wright, Mia Fey and her mother (Misty Fey) "mere lawyers" which is even more insufferable since he is the one who killed Mia Fey in the first place and destroyed her mother's popularity leading her to vanish. While he was happy as he can be along the way and showing no remorse or regret along the way. This shows how disgusting a human being can turn out to be and how much politics can sometimes lead to disaster! However in court he is finally exposed of his true side, and he is punished for his crimes. Though what ticks me off is that he got arrested for only the murder and not the countless others who have been blackmailed by this intolerable jackass!

7. Amy Rose - "Sonic" franchise
Of course the most annoying fangirl would make it onto the list. It’s so easy to pick flaws off of her yet so irritating to talk about them reminding you of the character in general. UGHHH...let’s get this over with. Amy is the typical Justin Bieber fangirl for has the hots for Sonic, she decides for some odd reason that she wants to marry him, even when she isn’t even 18! (Foreshadowing…) But of course, the annoying incarnate already knows exactly what she wants and disrespects Sonic’s privacy in every way and refuses to leave him alone. Amy constantly gets herself in danger and is complete BLIND! Really, how do you mess up Shadow for Sonic in PLAIN DAYLIGHT?!! What makes her even worst is her undeserved popularity saying she’s the one for Sonic. Ths where I have to say OBJECTION! One, Sonic has no interest in Amy. Two, for people who say Sonic secretly likes her, you have no evidence. Three, those who said Sonic admitted he liked Amy in the anime, he was USING her to get off the boat; he wasn’t serious! Four, while Sally’s personality is a bit weaker than Amy’s, AT LEAST IT’S NOT INCREDIBLY OBNOXIOUS and Sonic accepts her back! In the comic they get married which is easily the biggest “fuck you” to the SonAmy fanbase. Plus SonAmy is the worst pairing I have ever seen, nothing about it is right and the characters aren’t even close to being “a couple”. Sonic is in his 20s and Amy is below 18, that counts as pedophilia in a case of the pairing! Seriously Amy, GIVE UP!

6. Elizabeth Swann - Pirates Of The Carribbean 2 + 3
Surprise surprise, little bitch backstabber makes it onto the list. In the first movie she was a bit irritating for some reason, but I didn’t really hate her. However in the second and third lord I wanted to KILL her! First of all, biggest reason I hate her is because she killed Jack Sparrow, my third favorite disney character (only behind Mirage and Cpt. Amelia). Secondly, when she meets the revived Jack Sparrow, she doesn’t even APOLOGIZE for killing him! (Okay yes you can make the argument Jack might not accept it or she is too afraid, but at least it would show she would CARE!) Thirdly, she backstabs him yet again in the third and surprise, she STILL doesn’t apologize! Finally, she is crowned the “Queen of All Pirates”, BIG mistake! The reason I like the fourth movie a bit was because this little bitch didn’t make the cut! Davy Jones, I don’t care if you’re replaced by Will Turner now, PLEASE come back and KILL this son of a bitch!

5. Fluttershy - My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
*Ignore Twilight Sparkle in the picture, I do not hate her.*
CUE THE BRONY RAGE! It's been about 171 days since I've ranted about at Fluttershy, however now that I've looked at some joshscorcher reviews and seen a bit more about her personality.............I HATE HER TWICE AS MUCH AS I USED TO! Not only is her fanbase one of THE worst in existence (making death threats + raging at pointing out the smallest detail + saying you have no soul if you don't like her), now the more I thought about it the more I've realised that not only is she whiny and annoying, she only has one flaw: fear. Oh now what's those two lovely words that exploit someone with tremendous amounts of strengths and only has one or two minor weaknesses.....oh yeah! MARY SUE!
Now before you send me death threats or in attempt to prove me wrong, allow me to show you the qualities that make Fluttershy a sue: gets over shyness way too easily, lovely flowing pink mane, can communicate with animals, lovely eyes, can control any animal by staring, has huge knowledge on sewing even though that's RARITY'S SPECIAL TALENT not hers, and finally her only weakness is fear. If that doesn't scream mary sue in any way possible, I don't know what does. Plus now that I've seen her a little more, she's more of a brat then I even thought! Allow me to explain: in a "Mare Do Well" episode (saw a review) she was on board with the mean plan. In a gala episode she threw a gigantic tantrum because animals didn't like her, in "Iron Will" (Review) she was VERY rude to so many people and then blamed The Iron Will for the ENTIRE thing! Think about it: if a teacher taught you to shoot and kill and you're the one who killed somebody, do you arrest the teacher or do you arrest the person responsible?

4. Bella Swan - "Twilight" series
Oh yes, you know the Top 3 have to be the worst when the biggest mary sue of all time is only at #4! I know lots of you are going to disagree and she should be #1, guess what? My list, deal with it. First of all, she follows Amy Rose’s formula of deciding to marry someone under the age of 18 and stick with it. Secondly, as you know, she is the biggest mary sue to ever live or rather be written. Finally, she is easily one of the worst female interests in existant! She manipulates nearly everyone around her, as she attempts to kill or hurt herself every time her wittle boyfriends aren’t around her. Giving some credit yes I do think Shovelface (Edward) and Chihuahua boy (Jacob) are boring protagonists and insults to monsters, but at least they aren’t Bella in the slightest! When shovelface was finally pressured into marriage, she dicks around with chihuahua boy yet again! Really Bella? This is how you do around when people marry you, you just dick around with other boyfriends? No wonder you’re one of the most hated characters in media history.

3. Hilly Hilbrooke - The Help

(Racist Time Period takes place in this novel, okay? Good) Oh yes, people who have seen this movie would DEFINITELY agree with me on this one! First, this girl is very obnoxious and VERY racist! Now that just sounds like enough reason to get on here, but lets go into more details of what happens in the movie: she fires a black maid for just using her toilet, makes racist comments when a black maid is RIGHT THERE, fires a maid for LAUGHING at her, SPANKS her child in PUBLIC, and constantly becomes bitchier and bitchier! Now don't worry, in the movie, she gets WORST! When she is FINALLY given a royal lesson, (see the movie to see how she got punished or just ask me) she frames the second main protagonist of the film for stealing a fork and two spoons, and gets away with it! The character is fired and she is arrested! I know you may say she got what she deserve, but her actions are just UNFORGIVABLE! I know this is suppose to represent society back then, but honestly it makes me want to smack every damn person in the face who just stood and watch and say "WHY DID YOU NOT HELP THEM!?" God please reserve me a spot in heaven, because I DEFINITELY do not want to meet these kind of people in hell!

2. Bob Ewell + Mayella Ewell - To Kill A Mockingbird
*MAJOR SPOILERS FOR “To Kill A Mockingbird”*

(Racist Time Period takes place in this novel, okay? Good) First we start off with Bob Ewell, first, the guy beats his own daughter.........THE GUY BEATS HIS OWN DAMN DAUGHTER! I know she was white and hanging out with a black man was know at the time. Also he's racist, which leads him to blame Tom Robinson in order to cover his tracks and take the blame, to seem like a hero. Atticus fights hard to defend Tom in court, the prejudice side of the court wins and Tom sentenced to DEATH! Which he tries to escape and is shot 17 TIMES! It only takes 3 shots to kill a single person! However the town does look down on his family even more, and in revenge tries to murder Atticus' two kids Jem and Scout.....HE TRIES TO MURDER TWO KIDS WHO AREN'T EVEN IN THEIR TEENS! Of course he is killed, but his very quick and not very satisfactory at all.
Now for Mayella Ewell; Bob's daughter. But wait! You say rushing to the comment section, "She got raped by her own dad, what gives for the hate?" Well, that is actually very simple. The fact she just stood and played Bob's pawn in the court gave her this spot! Was she forced? Yes, BUT SHE DIDN'T DO A DAMN THING TO TRY TO PROVE TOM INNOCENT! Why does this get me so angry? Well it begs the question, WHY THE FUCK DIDN'T SHE JUST EXPLAIN EXACTLY WHAT THE DAMN HELL HAPPENED?! Your dad doesn't have a bomb strapped to you and doesn't have a gun! Just tell the damn jury! I know you can make the argument she did this out of fear, HORSESHIT! It might not have saved Tom’s life but think about it! Someone was just arrested for beating and *ahem* “Raping” Mayella, several days later she is seen beaten again. Do you not think they realized they fucked up there?! However nope, she just lies and pulls the whiny innocent female act and gets Tom killed. To make it worse, SHE DOESN'T GET PUNISHED FOR PLAYING ALONG! Come on, you can’t let the bitch stroll free even if he she was so called “threatened”.....Mayella and Bob Ewell…..YOU BOTH SUCK!

Now for #1….the worst character that I think exists is…..

……….I really don’t want to talk about this character. I really really don’t want to say this “mistake”’s name...this is a character who I despise with a burning passion that would even surpass the hatred of hell itself. A character who is so hateful, that even Chuck Norris would facepalm of how bad this character is. Someone who is so hateful that I would claim her as a sin itself…..the worst creation in existence is:

You all saw this coming...

1. Chi-Chi - Dragonball Z

Okay okay now……… can probably tell right off the bat, the second this character is brought I get severely angry thoughts inside my head. Probably of murdering this character in the most painful way imaginable, now then…..allow me to justify my inner thoughts of this character. (I refuse to call this monster’s name) Let’s start at the source of the problem..everything. Nothing about this character is good, nothing about her is even a bit redeemable for this pile of shit mess of a character. For such an awesome anime, this character sums up every bit of flaw with Dragonball Z in one dumb, bitchy, annoying, hateful package! Okay okay okay, I am so ranting on this character with no mercy, is she really that bad? HELL YES SHE IS!!

“She” is suppose to be a stereotypical chinese wife which itself sounds bad, but believe me it gets worst than that. She has the NERVE to say the education of one fucking brain is more worth than the ENTIRE planet! Yes! She said she would choose education over the planet! You don’t think that’s bad? It gets worst! Wor-wor-wor-worst! When Goten goes super saiyan for the first time (thank god he PUNCHES this bitch), guess what she does? SHE CALLS HER OWN SON A MONSTER AND HE DIDN’T DO ANYTHING WRONG! So what else does this mean, basically she would be calling EVERY super saiyan a monster, including Goku! What the hell you can’t respect your own family when they accomplish one of the best goals of their lives?! You don’t deserve Goku or your family in the slightest!

She is foul to ALL of Goku’s friends, putting down each and every one including Vegeta so she can have wittle Gohan all to herself! Don’t believe me? Gohan can become a defender of the planet so he can save countless others, however *Ahem* “she” see’s to make him the biggest school nerd and forbid him from saving millions! Yet at a young, she manipulates Gohan to listen to her school RATHER than saving innocent people from dying! Does she even realize if there IS no earth, there is no education?! It’s a Lose-Lose situation! Yet other than that, “she” serves no purpose to the plot rather than to be filler and be Goten’s *ahem* “so called trainer”, is there anything else that she has done? NOPE!
So let’s see what we have here: selfish (Check!), uncaring (Check!), manipulative (Check!), idiotic (Check!), useless (Check!), pointless filler (Check!), and most hateable character ever? GOD DAMN CHECK!

This is Sparkshot11, and Chi-Chi is the worst character I have ever seen.

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Adrimation Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014  New member Student General Artist
I slightly disagree with Mayella because she probably didn't want to admit that she's been abused. She may have simply didn't want to be abused. Also, it has been said that no black man has won a court case against a white woman. If she said what happened, she'd probably be accused of a liar or the prejudice would still take over reason. If the ladder happened, the abuse would probably get worse. I've been in that type of situation before.
PrinceVegeta76 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Only thing I disagree with is #7...
lightyearpig Featured By Owner Edited Aug 22, 2014
I think Jack Black's comedic genius should be the saint here.

And why is Gohan the strongest in the universe but still doesn't do anything? One word: Chi-Chi. Okay, maybe that was two words.
Bubbles99swell Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  New member
I agree with The New Spongebob,Finn,The Problem Solverz,and Justin Berber!
XMarioDJ Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014
You're so lucky that most of the obsessive FShy fans haven't found this, yet. I mean some of the fans.. they are just BAD.

I have had enough experience in fandom a to know the basic parts of a fandom.

1. The regular fans: these guys take up MOST of the fandom, usually spending their time trying to get haters mad. Those are the bad fans.

2. Fucked up sex pictures (in MLP, aka rule 34): I die seeing these pics, it's just wrong.

3. The artists: probably the best people in a fandom. I've seen some real talent on this site referring to lots of different fandoms.

4. People who don't care: All they do is ignore hate and continue to be in the fandom.

My point is, most of the fans are bad, but not all of them are bad.

TL;DR: Don't care if you read it, just get my point, mk?
(this ain't no hating comment btw)
Hidden by Owner
Sparkshot11 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014
And look another stupid comment of someone disrespecting a list from an idiot. The door is that way.
thearist2013 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014  Student General Artist
The dissuasions that DreamWorks almost did with Kung Fu Panda were gonna be just like what they did with Shark Tale (DreamWorks lowest point)
Michaelsar Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2014
The one who changed Movie!Po from a personality-wise clone of TV Series!Po into a more likeable character was, surprise surprise, Jack Black.
Omega9393 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2014   Digital Artist
20. It's like that show is slowly growing into like a cancer. They need to retire that show. Give us the Krabby Patty formula and we'll be on our way.

16. I never understood the appeal of that show. I mean, I try to like it, but it's very hard. (keep it clean, people) My brother once told me after watching the show, he was bored out of his mind. And what's with them with using certain words to replace somewhat bad ones like "what the math!?" or "oh Gop!". I mean seriously, these sound like something a Kindergartener would say. Regular Show deserves a lot more attention than that show. It's episodes are perfect examples of creativity.

14. That show gave Cartoon Network a bad name.(aside from CNreal) I'm glad they cancelled that crap.

13. I disagree with you on this one, but I respect your opinion. There was a time where she did beat May in the Wallace Cup Finals. I'll give you props for at least not calling her Misty and May's replacement like many others do. I think the season after the one she was on was a bit more boring, to be honest.

9. I plea the fifth when it comes to talking negatively about other user on the internet. I won't say whether I agree or disagree with you on this one, just so I don't give them unwanted attention.

8. lol I never would've expected to see these 3 in a group together. But yeah, I agree with you.
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